The GRID Geospatial Platform

The NeoTreks GRID platform takes your geospatial data beyond the network, into the field....right where you need it.

Tour App Platform

With 17 iOS and Android apps available, our tourism partners are using mobile devices to expand their audience. The NeoTreks Tour platform makes it easy to deploy your content in client apps.

NeoTreks Terrain & Trail Maps

NeoTreks recreational maps is the most complete recreational dataset available. Call us today to discuss embedding these maps in your site.

NeoTreks GRID for Oil and Gas

NeoTreks is working with content partners in the Energy sector to bring operators' valuable content offline & in the field. Find out how >>

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Learn about the NeoTreks CartaPro platform

Custom development for geospatial challenges

What we do

Geospatial for business applications

Using our powerful CartaPro platform as the basis for aggregating data for offline use, we can solve your organization’s geospatial challenges in a fraction of the time it takes to build from scratch. Save your budget, and get your app into the field fast.

Consumer Apps for Tourism

NeoTreks provides standardized applications that can be customized to match your specific vision.  We offer fixed-priced solutions, multi-application discounts, advanced feature sets, custom development, and content creation services.

NeoTreks dynamic recreation maps

NeoTreks Recreation Maps represent years of data collection and conflation, resulting in over a quarter of a million miles of trails draped over the most robust land use and terrain map background available.

GPS Mapping Apps for Offline Recreation

Most smartphone GPS mapping apps stop being functional at the edge of cell service. Our GPS tracking apps give adventurers incredible maps, far beyond the reach of cell or wifi service.