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Plow Ops is a mobile platform that enables road, weather and critical incident reporting, Plow Ops replaces traditional radio communications to help state and local agencies enhance safety, increase efficiency and reduce weather-related delays.

Travel Safely in Any Conditions

It’s inevitable that operators will come across crashes, stranded motorists and other incidents that need to be reported — fast. Plow Ops improves condition reporting accuracy and timeliness to help reduce the total number of vehicle crashes, injuries and fatalities that occur daily on roadways. With Plow Ops, operators can:

• Accurately update travel information in real time
• Improve speed and accuracy in communicating travel information to the public
• Improve roadway safety during inclement weather conditions
• Improve the situational awareness of maintenance staff in the field
• Recommend safe traveling speeds based on observed conditions, improving or deteriorating Recommend resources needed to clear the road as soon as possible
• Reduce accidents and save lives

See how operators who use Plow Ops have been able to report twice the number of road condition reports compared to traditional radio communications. Read the case study.

Focus on the Road, Not Your Radio

Traditional radio communications are inefficient — loud, hard to hear, crowded, prone to error, latent. Operators shouldn’t have to wait to report critical information. Now plow operators can keep their attention on the road with:

• Large buttons for sending road conditions assigned to pre-defined maintenance segments
• Automatic queries and displays, including roadside weather stations, variable speed limits, dynamic message signs, weather advisories and more
• Voice confirmation for sending road conditions and acknowledging transmission receipt
• Automatic selection of the best connection available: WiFi, cellular or radio
• GeoTag to allow operators to save mile marker locations for reference later
• An event log of transmissions from every shift for easy reference and editing

See how Plow Ops reduces wait times for 91% of maintenance staff in the field. Read the case study.

Drive Smart Decisions on the Road

Hundreds of vehicles. Thousands of phone calls. Millions of emails. Countless website hits. Plow Ops helps state and local agencies manage the economic impact of weather-related costs on roadways by:

• Reducing the number of commercial trucks affected by weather-related road closures
• Reducing the average duration of road closures and number of vehicles affected by each closure
• Facilitating the timely and accurate communication of road conditions
• Contributing to a reduction in vehicle crashes, injuries and fatalities
• Reducing reporting mistakes caused by human error
• Providing real-time information without having to increase your current response team
• Transmitting location accuracy down to the 10th of a mile marker

See how Plow Ops reduces weather-related costs by saving more than 2,000 man-hours a year. Read the case study.

Ride Along with Wyoming Operators During a Typical Shift

Go on a ride along with a plow driver see how the Wyoming Department of Transportation uses Plow Ops to make road, weather and critical incident reporting safer, easier and more efficient.


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