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4 Tips to Find the Best Mobile Development Agency for You

By NeoTreks / June 17, 2019

At NeoTreks, we see more and more businesses of all sizes leveraging an effective mobile strategy beyond just a mobile-friendly website.   These companies are ahead of the game when it comes to investing in mobile technology to drive new revenue, improve efficiency or take their marketing to the next level.   However, delivering a…

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Riding the Wave – Keeping Your Apps Ahead of the Curve

By NeoTreks / May 15, 2019

When faced with the ever-increasing rate of change, how do you keep your apps fresh, attractive and exciting?   Are you part of the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” crowd? Do you let your mobile apps languish until bugs, crashes and user complaints force you to update them?   Or, are you so…

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Preventing Rollovers Before They Happen with Road-Aware

By NeoTreks / May 1, 2019

With the number of fatal crashes rising across the nation, the trucking industry is addressing safety issues that account for thousands of preventable crashes. Along with 4,700 fatalities (800 of which are truck drivers) and thousands of injuries, the cost to the industry surpasses $15 billion per year. By taking proactive steps, the industry can…

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Lessons on Business (and Life) with Michael Bullock, CEO & Founder of NeoTreks

By NeoTreks / April 15, 2019

Join us for a sit-down chat with Michael E. Bullock, CEO & Founder of NeoTreks, as we discuss everything from the all-new to the next big trends in enterprise technology solutions to his favorite mode of transportation. Hint: It’s not what you think!   How did you come up with the name NeoTreks? When…

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NeoTreks Partnership with BaseMap Results in Top 3 Free iPad App

By NeoTreks / April 2, 2019

For over a year, NeoTreks has been working with BaseMap on their all-in-one app for the outdoors. An ideal partnership, BaseMap designed the app and leveraged the expertise of the NeoTreks team to build it. NeoTreks developers became an extension of the BaseMap team, using their expertise in mobile for outdoor recreation to quickly respond…

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How We Build Strong Relationships with Our Clients

By NeoTreks / March 15, 2019

By Michael E. Bullock, President & CEO of NeoTreks:   NeoTreks has wonderful clients. We’re privileged to work together and consider them our friends. We do everything we can to help them be successful because, if our clients are successful, then we’re successful.   But, occasionally, we find ourselves working with someone who is difficult…

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NeoTreks’ Origin Story!

By NeoTreks / February 25, 2019

In 2007, Michael Bullock was a key executive at a large mapping company in Denver when the first iPhone was released.   While not many of his colleagues were ready to make the leap, he immediately saw the potential to take multiple mobile devices — like a BlackBerry, camera, and Garmin GPS — and wrap…

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Is Establishing Quality Requirements a Challenge? Perhaps a Business Analyst Can Help!

By NeoTreks / February 15, 2019

Part One: Are you trying to be Agile, but finding that establishing quality requirements is challenging?    Agile development offers a streamlined way to help you keep up with today’s fast-moving businesses. Through iterative work cycles and incremental delivery of functionality, you can provide faster returns on investments while preserving your flexibility in adapting to…

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You’ve Decided On the Help of a Business Analyst. Now What?

By NeoTreks / February 10, 2019

Part Two: You’ve decided you want the help of a Business Analyst. So, what happens now?   As we discussed in Part One, the Business Analyst works with your Product Owner to help capture the business vision and associated requirements and priorities clearly and consistently, with enough detail that your team can act on them.…

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NeoTreks Releases CartaPro™ in the GEOINT App Store

NeoTreks Releases CartaPro™ in the GEOINT App Store

By John Bailey / January 11, 2019

An already successful app on iTunes, CartaPro™ is now available to Department of Defense users through the GEOINT App Store. Castle Rock, Colo. – December 12, 2017 – NeoTreks (, a mobile geospatial development firm, has made CartaPro™ available in the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency GEOINT App Store. Designed with professional and enterprise users in mind,…

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