You've Decided On the Help of a Business Analyst. Now What?

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You've Decided On the Help of a Business Analyst. Now What?

Part Two: You’ve decided you want the help of a Business Analyst. So, what happens now?


As we discussed in Part One, the Business Analyst works with your Product Owner to help capture the business vision and associated requirements and priorities clearly and consistently, with enough detail that your team can act on them.


The Business Analyst typically uses a two -step process: 1) “elicit” the key features and functions, and 2) “elaborate” upon them to capture enough detail to make them actionable, repeating this process and iterating as needed. The results can be documented in a way that best meets your team’s needs.


Tools such as user stories or use cases, mockups, and process flows may be used to capture the initial information, with storyboards and prototyping used to flush out additional detail. Requirements are typically revisited with each completed iteration, in order to adapt to changing needs, or to incorporate discoveries resulting from completed work. Change is expected, even welcomed.


Regardless of the techniques used, requirements documentation in Agile needs to remain “lightweight” – just enough to communicate clearly in an agreed upon manner. The driving force is not the format, but the content (what), the “actors” (who), and the context (when, where, and why.) This leaves the development team free to focus on delivering the functionality (how) that will help achieve the vision.


How does this work at NeoTreks?


Here at NeoTreks, we thrive on short, incremental development cycles and continuously delivering value to our clients.


In our Agile development process, we want our developers spending their time bringing your requirements to life. Constantly searching for answers or clarifying details can slow them down and impede delivery of results.


By utilizing our Business Analyst, we can free our developers to focus the bulk of their creativity and energy on “how” to deliver your results as accurately, quickly, and efficiently as possible. While they tackle the work in the current iteration, our Business Analyst works with you on capturing upcoming work items to make sure we clearly understand what you want us to build. This helps keep our pipeline flowing swiftly and smoothly.

We’ve adopted a simple process:

As we move from Discover through Define, our Business Analyst plays a key role, helping our team to elicit and elaborate the specific details necessary to capture your requirements and priorities. This allows us to plan the work and provide you with better estimates on schedule and cost.


As we move into the Design phase, our Business Analyst and our developers work together to ensure that the features and functions identified in earlier phases are accurately brought to life in our mockups and clickable prototypes. This preview process is an excellent way to confirm that we are correctly realizing your vision before we write the first line of code.


As your project moves through the remaining steps of our process, our Business Analyst remains involved as a resource for our developers and for you and your team, should questions arise or adjustments be needed. The Business Analyst serves as a second pair of eyes to ensure that your vision is realized.


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