4 Reasons to Digitize Your Winter Operations

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4 Reasons to Digitize Your Winter Operations


You may feel like you’re getting by with traditional communications at your agency during inclement weather. However, the current cloud-dependent and digital platforms offer more efficient ways to track plow driver status and improve road, weather and critical incident reporting. Keep reading to see if you can benefit from digitizing your winter operations.

1. You’re still using CB radios.
If you are still using the traditional CB radio to communicate with plows on the field, you’re bound to have challenges with human error, communications latency (research shows plow drivers can wait up to 15 minutes to report an issue), and reduced accuracy of the information being reported. Adapting to digital winter operations streamlines the communication process including accurate and real-time travel information updates from plow drivers on the field to Operations Centers and even to the public.

2. You’d like to improve communications with plow drivers.
Dynamic road conditions reporting, weather reporting, critical incident reporting, etc. are difficult to track and relay on a real-time basis. Electronic event logs help get information out of memory and into tracking. Not to mention it helps keep track of the occasional rooster tail damage.

3. You need a better understanding of plow driver status.
Accountability in the workplace is something every manager wants to have. While accountability has a clear link to higher work performance, experts indicate that it also results in improved competency and commitment to work, increased employee morale, and work satisfaction. Accountability enhances creativity and innovation making the employee is more invested in the future of the organization. Going digital can keep your plow drivers accountable for hours of service, percentage of route completed, and real-time location.

4. Lack of real-time traveler information.
Updating traveler information in real time is critical for ensuring public safety and reducing costly weather-related delays and incidents. Accurate road condition reporting results in fewer vehicles crashes, injuries and fatalities.

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