4 Tips to Find the Best Mobile Development Agency for You

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4 Tips to Find the Best Mobile Development Agency for You

At NeoTreks, we see more and more businesses of all sizes leveraging an effective mobile strategy beyond just a mobile-friendly website.


These companies are ahead of the game when it comes to investing in mobile technology to drive new revenue, improve efficiency or take their marketing to the next level.


However, delivering a great mobile app requires you to first find the best mobile development agency.


Here are some guidelines to help you hire the best agency for your business:


Check the Company’s Track Record

On the website of any experienced mobile development agency, you will get information on the number of years it has been operating, the number of applications it has built, and other pertinent details. Knowing how long an app development agency has been in business, helps to determine their credibility in the marketplace and stability as a company.


Will they be around and available to support the software they developed for you?


Do not go with an agency that doesn’t have a long track record or has employee turnover challenges. You’ll waste a ton of time and investment if your agency partner has to continually ramp up new staff resources on your project.


We have worked with many clients who previously worked with another development agency who completed the project, but the client had to make a change due to their inability to obtain reliable, ongoing technical support.


Inquire about Their Portfolio

It is always more advisable to opt for a mobile development agency that has a live portfolio. Asking to see the agency’s live portfolio is vital since you can view the quality of their work, the apps they specialize in, and even custom applications they have built.


Have their apps received independent recognition or awards?


You can also test out some of their apps. This way, you will have an accurate idea of what the agency can actually deliver for you.


Learn About Their Development Team

Be sure to assign your app development project to an agency equipped with qualified developers, who have exceptional skills.


Do they have a deep bench of talent that can work on your project?


If the agency is highly reliant on a few key developers, that can result in significant problems for you if one of those developers is over-booked or if they leave the agency for another position. These are very common issues in the fast-paced world of high-end mobile development.


Communication is Paramount

Even if you do not have much knowledge about the technical aspects of mobile app development, a responsible mobile development agency should continuously stay in touch with you.


Do they have a well-defined discovery and development process?


Does this process include frequent interaction with their clients to ensure the project stays on track and meets your expectations?


If the developers are overseas, do they have U.S.-based project managers that are available to talk to you in your time zone and meet with you in person, as needed?


The development agency should tell you the entire development process, their approach, and any requirements needed. They should also establish a rapport by frequently talking to you either by phone or videoconference, and by meeting face to face when possible.


In our years of experience, we have found that project success is more dependent on excellent client communication than on technical skills. The best developers in the world do not succeed if they don’t create the precise solution you need.



NeoTreks is your new path to mobile success.

NeoTreks has over ten years’ experience developing mobile apps across multiple industries. NeoTreks has developed over 60+ mobile apps built for over 40 clients in 14 different industries with a 95% client satisfaction rate. Our team’s products have received numerous app store promotions including Apple’s App of the Year.


We’re flexible in our approach, whether you need us to build a turnkey solution from concept to code or seamlessly augment your current team. NeoTreks employs a highly qualified team of development experts who take pride in developing innovative and unique mobile apps with a 97% employee retention rate.


NeoTreks is a highly responsive agency that responds quickly to our clients’ needs. We provide full transparency during each step of the development process from the wireframes, to sprint demos, up to the final stages of the mobile product launch.

Because delivering top quality customer service is so important to us, we will return your call within 90 minutes and your email within 24 hours.


We are passionate about serving our clients. It’s all about your success. We’re not successful until you’re successful.


Interested in learning more about world-class development that fits your budget? Let’s chat!