AccuTerra Releases Major Map Update

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AccuTerra Releases Major Map Update

A Return to the Great Outdoors

Going outside has been difficult this year for many outdoor enthusiasts. With the ongoing pandemic, many were relegated to enjoying only their backyards. Recently though, Governor Polis signed an executive order transitioning Colorado into the Safer at Home and in the Vast, Great Outdoors phase of the COVID-19 recovery. Most other states are likewise opening up.

Finally off-road bikers, hikers and hunters can leave the confines of their homes and enjoy the outdoors and all its grandeur. And what better way to stay safe and informed on the trails than with AccuTerra Maps?

For a decade now, AccuTerra Maps has provided lovers of the great outdoors with the confidence to roam. Our maps provide the familiarity of modern web maps while still incorporating the more comprehensive information in a topographic trail map.

AccuTerra Maps expertly depict terrain, trails and land ownership so outdoor enthusiasts understand where it’s safe to explore and where it isn’t. AccuTerra Maps can be used by makers of outdoor mobile and web applications to help set their apps apart, increase profitability, and retain customers longer.

This summer, NeoTreks is releasing AccuTerra Maps version 3.0 – by far, our most comprehensive update in the past ten years. AccuTerra Maps v3.0 will help your outdoor recreation company “reopen” business during this tumultuous time, providing your users with the best outdoor recreation experience available.

How AccuTerra 3.0 Stands Apart

Why choose our newly updated AccuTerra Maps 3.0?

Comprehensive map content - We’ve combined our unique map data with OpenStreetMap so your users get the most complete trail network and land use information available anywhere.

Updated map styles – the AccuTerra Land Use layer has been updated leveraging Vector tile formats and is now the AccuTerra Outdoors layer. The result is a beautiful new presentation of AccuTerra data that is cleaner and more intuitive to understand.

Vector tiles - Featuring sharper maps, faster load times, and a smaller offline cache sizes.

International coverage - Now users have access to our maps across the whole of North America and most of Europe – with our sights set on ultimately spanning the entire globe. Outdoor enthusiasts will have superb outdoor map content, no matter where they trek.

Offline Caching - We continue to provide the most flexibility of any map provider when it comes to offline caching of map tiles. Give your users the power of unlimited offline caching – as that is where these maps are designed to be used – offline in the great outdoors.

Integration support - Check out today for code samples, developer guides and to create a free developer account. We also provide development assistance to companies looking to add our maps to their applications for the first time, or update their apps from version 2.0 of AccuTerra to version 3.0.

Ready to Get on the Map?

If you’re an outdoor recreation company looking to expand your customer base and drive new revenue, look no further than AccuTerra Maps.

Give your users confidence to roam in the outdoors safely and with up-to-date information. By integrating your information into our modern map design and topographic trail view, your users will easily know the lay of land, whether as a novice or expert.

To learn more about what makes AccuTerra Maps so special, head on over to and start developing for free today.