Change the Way You Work: 5 Tips for Digitizing Your Winter Operations

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Change the Way You Work: 5 Tips for Digitizing Your Winter Operations


It has been a tough year with record-breaking snowfall. Now that the snow has melted, it’s time to reflect on how we can improve. Better yet, it’s time to see if digitizing your winter operations can play an impactful role in the work you do. As you start to evaluate the benefits of applying industry “best practices” by digitizing your winter operations, here are some guidelines to help you select a potential digital solution:

1. Is the solution simple, with little or no training involved?

Any digital solution you select should be intuitive, come feature-rich out of the box, require no on-premise hardware or software, require minimal to no IT support, and scale to support customization requirements.

2. Does the solution drive immediate ROI?

Drive immediate ROI with no licensing fees that immediately make the organization productive and efficient. In addition, less complexity in the procurement process makes it easier to justify funding requests.

3. Does the solution fulfill the organization’s obligation to its citizens of transparency and accountability?

Public sector operations are rated based on their level of transparency and accountability, so make sure your digital solution provides transparency and accountability to its major constituents—its citizens.

4. Does the solution create business continuity?

Roads are the infrastructure that support our economy. An optimized and efficient snow removal process provides less disruption for business operations since goods and services can still be safely delivered.

5. Does the solution provide real-time analytics and business intelligence?

A true digital solution provides performance metrics and streamlines data to fulfill business intelligence needs for other departments within the organization (HR, logistics, asset management, executives, etc.). This helps the organization measure and improve its performance.

NeoTreks Plow Ops helps various state and local agencies answer these important questions. Plow Ops provides tremendous improvements in operational efficiency and safety—all with the smart devices plow operators already use and no additional hardware infrastructure costs.

Are you ready for next year?

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