How We Build Strong Relationships with Our Clients

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How We Build Strong Relationships with Our Clients

By Michael E. Bullock, President & CEO of NeoTreks:


NeoTreks has wonderful clients. We’re privileged to work together and consider them our friends. We do everything we can to help them be successful because, if our clients are successful, then we’re successful.


But, occasionally, we find ourselves working with someone who is difficult or unpleasant, and as you know, such situations have the potential to get worse over time.


Twelve years ago, I was really enjoying my work and position as a vice president with a company I worked for at the time. The company went through a reorganization and my new boss was someone I personally disliked. I didn’t think he had accomplished anything to deserve his promotion and his new position in the company.


So began a difficult two years of working for him.


I still enjoyed my job, but I really struggled with my relationship with my boss. And everyone knew it. There were times I tried to improve the relationship, but for the most part, I just went about my work and waited for the next reorganization when hopefully I’d get a new boss. I also thought a lot about leaving the company—even though I really liked the company and had worked there for 11 years of my career.


A reorganization finally did happen after two years and I had a new manager. About a year after that, my former boss’s employment with the company was terminated.


When I look back at those two years, I realize that I was part of the problem – perhaps even the main part of the problem.


From that experience, I learned that we have no power to change difficult co-workers and managers. But we do have the power to change ourselves.


We should all strive to seek a little more understanding, do a little more forgiving, and undergo a little more personal improving. This won’t solve every problem, but it will help us handle tough situations a little better—regardless of how the other person acts. I believe this can help us in our other relationships as well.


This important principle helps us in our work for our clients. At NeoTreks we are passionate about serving our clients. We only work with a few select clients at a time, so we can provide the service you deserve.



You see, our client relationships set us apart from other software development companies and reflect NeoTreks’ core values:


Service. (We love to delight our clients.)

Exceptional service is at our core. Each project is structured to meet goals and timelines set by the client. We keep our customers close to our heart. Our excellence lies in our project deliveries and seamless communication.


Exceed. (We exceed expectations.)

We will strive to exceed customer expectations by delivering exceptional value through our products and services. We set high expectations within our development teams, so we are always on the cutting edge of technology to provide exceptional value to the client.


Humility & Resolve. (We are humble, yet we have resolve.)

We all deserve to work in an environment where we are treated with dignity and respect. We’re committed to giving our employees freedom to operate to achieve their maximum potential in a friendly, yet challenging workplace.


Integrity. (We have integrity.)

We deal honestly and fairly with our clients, employees, sales force, and business partners. We help our clients succeed without misrepresentation. We protect confidential client information, as well as nonpublic information entrusted to us by employees, customers, and other business partners.


Excellence. (We strive for excellence in all we do.)

We are results driven and will see each project to completion and drive successful implementation. We will deliver the best ongoing services at a fair price.


Have Fun. (We work as a team and enjoy the journey.)

Our people matter. We are committed to creating a work environment where people can excel and deliver creative solutions. We will win together.