Idaho Digs Out After Record Snowfall. Are You Prepared?

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Idaho Digs Out After Record Snowfall. Are You Prepared?


Record snowfall in Idaho has left many state and local officials wondering if plow fleets are ready for the next major storm. When it comes to winter operations, knowledge is power. With tools like road condition reporting, driver and route status, and communication tracking and event logs, you can feel confident your fleet is ready to tackle unpredictable weather conditions.

Having more snow on the ground than ever before also means there are more plows in the field. The addition of outsourced plow vendors adds complexity to daily fleet management. The more plows you have to manage simultaneously, the more important it becomes to have one tool to effectively manage multiple use cases and alert drivers to shifting priorities in the field.

With road condition reporting accuracy and timeliness, plow operators can also help reduce the total number of vehicle crashes, injuries and fatalities that occur daily on roadways. According to meteorologists at the local National Weather Service, actively checking road conditions for critical incidents and practicing appropriate winter driving will contribute to improving public safety during harsh weather conditions.

Don’t let the next major storm catch you off guard. Contact us to learn how Plow Ops™ helps state and local agencies improve safety, increase efficiency and reduce weather-related delays.