NeoTreks Maps Rebrands As AccuTerra™

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NeoTreks Maps Rebrands As AccuTerra™


NeoTreks is excited to announce the official rebranding of “NeoTreks Maps” to “AccuTerra™”. The update comes on the heels of NeoTreks’ purchase of nation-wide recreation map data from Intermap Technologies, Inc. in February 2019.


If the name sounds familiar, it’s because we’re returning to the original brand that propelled our company into existence in 2010.


NeoTreks is now a premier outdoor mapping solution for the U.S. and owns all rights and intellectual property associated with AccuTerra, allowing new and existing NeoTreks Maps users to benefit from all the unique detail and content AccuTerra has been known for since its first release.


AccuTerra picks up where other major map providers leave off: The Great Outdoors. With a focus on rural and recreation areas, AccuTerra represents the most complete coverage for 4×4, ATV, biking and off-roading maps available in the U.S., including:

  • 1/2 million+ miles of 4×4 roads
  • 1/4 million+ miles of hike, bike and multi-use trails
  • 1 million+ recreation-specific points of interest (POIs)
  • 1/4 million+ Individual Land Use designations
  • 1/2 billion+ map tile downloads annually


AccuTerra conflates data from every national park, national forest and BLM office in the country into a single homogeneous product. In addition, many of the country’s most popular state parks, local parks and high-use recreation areas were also collected.


“This data is used to enhance the map view experience in our clients’ applications,” said Austin Mulder, Vice President of Product Development at NeoTreks. “We leverage this unique data to provide truly exceptional map content for our clients and their users.”


Since 2011, NeoTreks has offered the AccuTerra recreation maps through several key distributors, including: REI Adventure Projects, Backcountry Navigator, Gaia GPS, ViewRanger and others.

Designed for backcountry navigation and travel, AccuTerra can be viewed by anyone navigating to and has over half a billion map tile downloads annually.


“The focus of our content is not only on recreation-specific datasets, but also on recreation-specific locations. Therefore, public lands have been our primary interest,” said Mulder. “Ranging from National Parks to local parks and open spaces, we have focused our data collection on the areas where people play.”


Many data layers are required to build and publish a complete map. AccuTerra is focused on the following types of information: roads, trails, land use, points of interest, terrain, bathymetry, hydrography, contours, land cover, geo-political boundaries, populated places and slope.


“Of the many datasets that go into making AccuTerra, several have more significance than others,” said Mulder. “These are the signature data layers in our maps that no other competitive products contain to the extent of AccuTerra. Combining this unique recreation IP with our software development services presents exciting new opportunities for our clients.”


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