NeoTreks Releases New Version of PlowOps

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NeoTreks Releases New Version of PlowOps

NeoTreks recently released a new version of our PlowOps application over the next few months. PlowOps is a snow removal service software that efficiently manages snow plow tracking and road clearance for city public work offices. This app allows those in charge of snow plows to track trucks in real time, along with a map showing which roads are cleared versus those in progress.

As part of the new version release, users can expect to see:

  • Fleet-wide messaging
  • More detailed route maps
  • Customized observations for insight reporting
  • A new first in the market - time- and frequency-based map layers that will show when the last time a road was plowed and how often
  • Revamp of both the in-cab app and web portal for a new look and feel focused on efficiency for our users

"We're very excited about this latest release. In addition to several very innovative features that we have been working on over the summer months, it also includes many new features and usability updates originating directly from customer feedback,” says Austin Mulder, NeoTreks’ Vice President of SaaS Products. “Out of the box, PlowOps provides everything you need to digitize your winter operations, whether you’re a large state DOT or a municipality with just a handful of vehicles."

Ready to Learn More?

Clearing the roads quickly and efficiently has never been easier with PlowOps. Ready to invest and save your city time and money? Please get in touch with us today for a Discovery Consultation, demo, or info on how to sign up. You can also reach us at