NeoTreks Spotlight: A Software Developer’s Day

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NeoTreks Spotlight: A Software Developer’s Day


At NeoTreks, we value our employees as much as our clients. That’s especially true for our talented team of software developers.


But what is a day in the life of a NeoTreks developer? For a closer look, we invite you to read about the “average day” of Aleš Gewinner (pronounced “Alesh”), Senior Software Developer:


Who is Aleš?

Aleš works from NeoTreks’ office in Frýdek-Místek located in the Czech Republic. He brings several years of experience and achievements as a software developer. His expertise spans the lifecycle of product design and implementation. This means he could be defining the requirements for new features on a mobile app; designing the architecture and UI for a client’s web dashboard; or implementing, testing/debugging and profiling how best to improve the enterprise software for customers on any given day.


At the same time, he balances the full-time duties as a father of three kids, including 5-year-old twins!


To stay in tip-top mental and physical shape, Aleš has daily workout routines, is an avid mountain biker and has a chin-up bar in his office for quick stress relief.



A Healthy Start

Ales starts with a protein heavy breakfast – typically eggs. He sometimes settles for a ham, cheese and mayo baguette to-go when kids, home life, or a software issue demand his immediate attention. He travels in style on nice weather days with his new road bike.


Once at the Office

Aleš participates in daily standup meetings at 9 a.m. for about 30 minutes. Here the team provides updates on their work for the day and any challenges requiring assistance or input. The standup results in team collaboration and better software development.


Once everyone’s shared their updates, Aleš returns to his desk and checks for any urgent requests or issues coming through his inbox, then continues with coding and bug fixes from the previous day.


To Be the Best

NeoTreks sets high standards within our development teams so we stay on the cutting-edge of technology to provide exceptional service to our clients.


Aleš stays on top of technical happenings as a senior developer. That includes reading about and discovering new or better ways to code. By constantly expanding his expertise, his software remains up-to-date and effective.


Aleš mainly focuses on new approaches and widening his knowledge about Android, Kotlin (Java), Spring, and Oracle.

When the Inbox Strikes

As a senior developer, Aleš receives requests from clients who need immediate help.


For example, one of NeoTreks’ marquee clients suffered a severe outage recently. Their data was missing from their inventory application, creating confusion for their employees. So they reached out to Aleš late in his working day.


He dropped everything and worked with the client by phone in real-time, utilizing his fellow senior developer Dan Walton out of the Castle Rock, Colorado office, to solve the problem.


After staying late at the office, staying in contact with the client and doing cross-checking in the client’s database, Aleš pinpointed the issue and applied a fix. This resulted in an immediate solution for the client, and they were off and running again.


Given Aleš’ time zone – 8 hours ahead of Colorado – this is often a huge benefit to NeoTreks’ clients. When a US-based client reports a problem or makes a request at the end of their workday, the client often arrives at work the next morning to find that Aleš has already solved the issue during Aleš’ workday, which begins at 1am Colorado time.

At NeoTreks, solving problems on the fly so our clients look like heroes is job number one.


As the Workday Ends

Once the workday wraps up, Aleš unplugs to focus on the family. He enjoys dinner with them, followed by the kids’ nighttime bath and bedtime story routines. After they’re asleep, he logs on for an email check one last time to assure himself that his Colorado teammates and US clients are doing well. When high-priority issues arise, he assists as needed.


For the most part though, he enjoys some well-deserved relaxation time and allows his mind to reset for the next day.


Software developers, like Aleš, define our company’s success and client satisfaction. We continue to improve and maintain a life/work balance that benefits everyone. That way, we provide best-in-class professional services to our clients, while ensuring our team is both effective and enjoying their journey.