Plow Ops' No Risk, No Commitment, Free 60-Day Trial!

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Plow Ops' No Risk, No Commitment, Free 60-Day Trial!


CASTLE ROCK, CO — June 20, 2017 — NeoTreks, Inc., a geospatial development company, announces a no risk, no commitment free 60-day trial of Plow Ops, a SaaS-enabled workforce intelligence ecosystem that improves safety and increases efficiency during winter snow plowing operations.

“Many regions of the country experienced historic snow events during this past 2016/17 snow season and we are pleased to offer Plow Ops free of charge for a 60-day trial to help organizations respond to the coming snow events in the 2017/18 snow season,” commented Michael E. Bullock, president and CEO of NeoTreks, Inc.

“Plow Ops provides tremendous improvements in operational efficiency and safety at very low cost – using the smart devices that plow operators already use and no hardware infrastructure costs.”

Plow Ops includes a suite of iOS and Android mobile applications for snow plow operators that dynamically interact with a powerful online cloud service, managed by a business intelligence dashboard for operations supervisors, administrators and public officials. Route assignment and status information is driven from the dashboard to field operators, who can easily and safely report observational data and status back to storm managers.

Highlights of the platform include:

  • A low cost, cloud-based solution, requiring no customer infrastructure. The Plow Ops backend handles all GIS route data, user management with roles-based access for supervisors, administrators, storm managers and more. This means no new investment in server infrastructure and no increase in workload for critical internal IT staff.
  • A map-centric business intelligence dashboard, which allows a supervisor to set up teams in geographic zones prior to the storm and provides live stats (including an automatic route percentage complete for every route) during active plow operations.
  • A full accounting of all operations throughout the course of a snow event, which allows for a reporting debrief to understand the effectiveness of each response.
  • Mobile applications are openly available on the Google Play and Apple App Store, making Plow Ops a “bring your own device” solution. This makes Plow Ops ideal for public organizations that rely on private contractors, who can utilize the smartphones and tablets they already own.

For more information or to sign up contact us!