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PlowOps Case Study

Imagine your city or town having the ability to effectively track your plows’ or fleets’ KPIs and how efficiently they operate throughout your city with real-time reporting. You’re not that far away. Without a technology solution in place, the process can be extremely inefficient and difficult. Here’s a story of how we were able to help the Town of Castle Rock, Colorado engage and empower their citizens with the knowledge of what streets have been plowed in real-time, other than through word of mouth and visual inspection.

The Town of Castle Rock was a municipality that has benefited enormously by implementing PlowOps by NeoTreks, a game-changing product we offer to municipalities and private companies. Previously, the process for plowing the streets of Castle Rock included no technology solution, and the town’s DOT had no way to effectively track efficiencies through reporting functionality and there was no way to easily keep the citizens up to speed.

Plow Ops Helps Manage Snow Management & Maintenance

NeoTreks’ PlowOps is a subscription-based snow plow tracking solution designed to help organizations manage their snow removal activities.  The online dashboard can be run in any modern web browser and can be used to track driver locations, manage storm events, organize and assign plow routes for drivers, and view completion status and track the progress of assigned routes.

By implementing PlowOps by NeoTreks, the Town of Castle Rock has utilized the power of GIS to propel them into the 21st century and beyond. For instance, the citizens of the town have access to a web portal that displays a real-time map of all of the snowplows and city vehicles that support the town. Also, there is functionality that provides an opportunity for citizens to type in an address to see if the street has been plowed in front of their home. These features create transparency for the community and a feeling of connectedness and trust.

Another key benefit of PlowOps by NeoTreks is the efficiency that the technology provides for the municipality. For instance, routes are developed and assigned to drivers in an effort to ensure that all of the streets of the community are cleared in an efficient manner. These routes make certain that snow is removed from all areas of the town in a timely and effective manner by spreading out the drivers to their assigned areas. Also, this process creates a streamlined method for training new plow operators that are employed by the town. Gone are the days of highlighting routes on paper maps for new drivers. The PlowOps platform provides clear instruction, which minimizes the ramp-up time for new hires and ensures consistency and clarity.

Enhancing Safety through Real-Time Road Conditions & Hazards

Safety is perhaps the most important enhancement that PlowOps by NeoTreks has provided for the Town of Castle Rock. By eliminating paper maps and the need for plow operators to constantly call one another to see what areas have been completed, PlowOps has made the snow removal process much safer. Also, this technology has provided a platform for leadership to send emergency communication and notifications to drivers to share key information about road conditions and hazards their team may encounter. Of all of the improvements that these innovations provide, safety is by far the most important factor for the Town of Castle Rock.

Innovation & Efficiency through Automation

In summary, PlowOps by NeoTreks has revolutionized how the Town of Castle Rock manages snow removal operations. By automating tasks and creating a systematized process, this GIS technology has fostered a safer and more efficient process of removing the snow from the town, and this process has also enhanced a sense of community between the people of the town and its employees. PlowOps by NeoTreks will continue to evolve and grow over time and bring snow removal into the 21st century.

For over 10 years, NeoTreks has provided  value for clients through GIS innovations. With a wide array of mapping solutions, NeoTreks provides the world’s most groundbreaking tools with location-based services, and these tools offer the ability to revolutionize organizations by creating efficiencies, enhancing the user experience, and improving safety.