Preventing Rollovers Before They Happen with Road-Aware

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Preventing Rollovers Before They Happen with Road-Aware


With the number of fatal crashes rising across the nation, the trucking industry is addressing safety issues that account for thousands of preventable crashes. Along with 4,700 fatalities (800 of which are truck drivers) and thousands of injuries, the cost to the industry surpasses $15 billion per year. By taking proactive steps, the industry can reduce this risk, save lives and reduce costs. And that’s where Road-Aware comes in.


As its software development partner, NeoTreks helped Road-Aware turn its patented technology that aims to reduce rollover accidents involving large trucks into a prototype that is currently being tested on a dozen vehicles.


“Drawing on our expertise in geospatial development and workforce intelligence ecosystems, NeoTreks is pleased to be involved with the development and testing for the Road-Aware advanced safety system,” said Michael E. Bullock, President and CEO at NeoTreks.




According to RoadAware Safety Systems LLC:


RoadAware Safety Systems is developing the Road-Aware product to provide alerts to drivers related to the roadway ahead. Road-Aware is a look-ahead system that provides recommended safe speeds that are specific to the capabilities of the truck, the load being carried and the geometry of the road ahead. Road-Aware is a form of machine intelligence that allows the truck to provide audible and visual alerts to its operator just as they are required to enable safe operation of the truck.


In a recent interview, Garth Lawrence, managing director at Road-Aware, told FreightWaves:


“There are several roll stability systems that reduce the frequency of rollovers, but prevention begins before they happen. Road-Aware can help the driver get down to a safe speed so that the rollover system does not need to intervene.”


Read the full article.


Road-Aware is also complementary to weather and road condition forecasts. Truck drivers must take road curvature and slopes into account on every trip, but the risk increases as weather conditions deteriorate. Wet or icy roads only occur on some trips, yet the risk of crashes increases in these situations.


“If a trucking firm has both weather and Road-Aware in their alerting system, the total package value could be more than the sum of its parts,” said Brian L. Bullock, principal at RoadAware Safety Systems LLC.


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