Riding the Wave – Keeping Your Apps Ahead of the Curve

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Riding the Wave – Keeping Your Apps Ahead of the Curve


When faced with the ever-increasing rate of change, how do you keep your apps fresh, attractive and exciting?


Are you part of the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” crowd? Do you let your mobile apps languish until bugs, crashes and user complaints force you to update them?


Or, are you so eager to stay ahead of every new development that you’re constantly churning … adopting change after change so frequently that your updates are often outdated before they’re even released?


Somewhere in between those two extremes is the right place to be, but exactly where will vary depending on your app types, target users and competitors.


So why tackle the update issue? Here are some of the many reasons:


Maintaining Performance

As time passes, apps that used to be considered cutting edge grow stale. New features become popular, new and better ways of delivering similar functions get introduced and, in some cases, entirely new platforms launch. If not recognized and managed, deprecated code can become a problem. So how do your apps stack up?


In addition, Apple and Google periodically introduce new requirements that developers must meet, such as the recent Google requirement that apps support 64-bit devices. If you don’t address these requirements proactively, you may be in for an unwelcome surprise the next time you want to update your app!


Supporting New Devices and Operating Systems

Device manufacturers regularly release new devices with different screen sizes, aspect ratios and ever-increasing display sharpness (including HD). Just because your app looks terrific on an iPhone 6S, for example, doesn’t mean it will look as great on an iPhone 8 Plus or the newer iPhone XS Max. The same is true on the Android side: How will your app look on the next Galaxy Note 10 if it has a 4K display?


Google and Apple periodically introduce new versions of their operating systems, and some of the new releases don’t always work as they should with existing apps. You may discover that your users with the newest phones are suddenly the ones experiencing the most bugs – and that becomes your problem to solve if you want to keep them happy. At the same time, you have to deal with backward compatibility in order to keep your users with older phones happy as well.


Surpassing Your Competition

Addressing the above items only allows you to stay in the game and hold your own against the thousands of other currently available apps. But what if you want to move ahead of the pack?


How do you ensure that your company stays in touch with the wants and needs of your target users – both existing and emerging?


What does your company do to identify and offer capabilities that your users don’t yet know that they want but will inspire them once they taste the latest that you have to offer?


It’s critical to stay one step ahead, continually enhancing your apps to retain existing users and attract new ones. It can also be exciting and fun for your team to focus on all the newest developments. At the same time, however, don’t overlook the importance of maintaining your underlying code to keep it as current and problem-free as possible.

Riding The App Wave NeoTreks

Finding the Sweet Spot

Only you can determine the right balance between proactive updates and enhancements versus reacting when issues are identified. Only you know the goals and objectives your company aspires to meet, and how your apps support your success in achieving them.


Here at NeoTreks, we offer a range of ongoing support options to help you keep your apps current and competitive:

  • We can help you maintain your apps, keeping them in sync as new operating systems are released and new external requirements imposed; or we can help you plan a graceful migration away from deprecated code.
  • We can work with you to rapidly plan and carry out key enhancement projects, such as adding new features or adapting to newer, cutting-edge devices and technologies.
  • Our streamlined processes and agile, responsive team can help ensure your apps remain on the crest of the competitive wave.


NeoTreks is your new path to mobile success.

NeoTreks’ elite team of solution architects, designers, and developers can create your mobile enterprise solutions with exceptional value and unmatched service.


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