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Santa Drive By

As the song goes, "We need a little Christmas, right this very minute," and the Town of Castle Rock, NeoTreks, and Santa are rolling up their sleeves to get the job done! Santa will be visiting every neighborhood in the Town of Castle Rock to spread holiday joy to kids and adults alike and bring light to those in need during this unique holiday season. In order for this goal to become a reality, there must be a coordinated effort in place.

The Town of Castle Rock has committed to providing safe passage for Santa while he visits all the girls and boys. Santa will ride on one of the town’s fire trucks to remain safe and comfortable. Additionally, rather than reindeer, Santa will be escorted by two vehicles from the Castle Rock police department. This process will ensure Santa’s journey will be swift and safe as he travels throughout the town.

NeoTreks has pledged to provide their full support to make sure Santa’s route is well mapped and provide a means for citizens to follow the jolly old St. Nick throughout his journey. As a partner with the Town of Castle Rock for several years, NeoTreks has implemented its PlowOps™️ software in Android tablets for many of the town’s plows and service vehicles.

PlowOps by NeoTreks is a subscription-based snow plow tracking solution designed to help organizations manage their snow removal operations. The online dashboard can be run in any modern Web browser and can be used to track driver locations, manage storm events, manage plow routes, assign routes to drivers, and view completion status and progress of assigned routes. This technology provides safety and efficiency for operators while offering the citizens of the town a public status map to provide transparency and open communication.

NeoTreks has donated staff time to create a customized site to track Santa throughout his visits in the town. Like Santa’s elves, these technology masters have worked long and hard to produce the magic that will bring joy to the people of the town during this holiday season.

Now, the stage has been set for Santa and his visits to Castle Rock. Here the listing of the times and locations for Santa’s visit...

  • Saturday, December 12th, 8:00-5:00: Santa visits The Meadows, Red Hawk, Downtown, Woodlands/Escavera neighborhoods
  • Tuesday, December 15th, 4:30-7:00: Santa visits Metzler Ranch, Diamond Ridge, and Sapphire Pointe neighborhoods
  • Wednesday, December 16th, 4:30-7:00: Santa will visit the Terrain and Cobblestone Ranch neighborhoods
  • Thursday, December 17th, 4:30-7:00: Santa will visit Plumb Creek and Crystal Valley neighborhoods
  • Friday, December 18th, 4:30-7:00: Santa will visit Founders Village and Castlewood Ranch

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We look forward to seeing all of the smiling faces and joy that Santa will bring during this epic journey. So roll out the holly and decorate the tree, because we need a little Christmas, right this very minute!