That’s a Wrap for the 2017 APWA Snow Conference!

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From presenting “Utilizing Mobile Apps for Weather Responsive Traffic” as part of the FAST TRACK education sessions to demoing our latest version of Plow Ops, we loved sharing best practices to help agencies improve safety and efficiency during winter operations at the 2017 APWA Snow Conference.

The number of regions across the country that experienced historic snow events during the 2016/17 snow season proved top of mind for attendees. For that reason, industry attitude toward digitizing and improving winter operations has truly grown from “nice to have” to “must have.”

Conference-goers agreed that Plow Ops provides tremendous improvements in operational efficiency and safety at very low cost. We loved hearing the different ways attendees planned to use Plow Ops to drive value for their organization:

  • Materials cost savings;
  • Verification of plow status to avoid false litigation;
  • Route optimization;
  • Getting items out of memory and into tracking;
  • And so much more!

While a majority of return on investment will come from winter operations, fleet managers are excited to use Plow Ops features and functionality year round. At our booth, we received a lot of questions about landscaping applications, from tree trimming to leaf collection, as well as road maintenance applications like manhole covers and sign maintenance. We’re happy to say that Plow Ops can support you outside of the winter season as well.

A big thanks to all the agencies that accepted our exclusive Plow Ops offer for APWA attendees, which provides highly discounted pricing and a 90-day, money-back guarantee. We’re looking forward to helping you become modern snow fighters!

APWA Plow Ops RTIC Winner

RTIC Cooler Winner!

And, oh yeah, congrats to all our RTIC cooler winners! On the NeoTreks team, we’re outdoorsmen at heart. And we can’t get enough of these coolers that are built for finding comfort well outside your comfort zone.

See you next year!