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The official app on the history of Washington’s Union Station. The historic Union Station was designed by architect, Daniel Burnham, world-famous for his designs of the Chicago World’s Fair and leading member of the McMillian Commission Plan. The beaux-arts structure has served as the region’s largest transportation hub for over one century. It’s “front door” is situated prominently at the foot of Capitol Hill, and has long been recognized as an influential building, in both design and stature. Honoring the historic significance of the station in 1964, the District of Columbia designated the building an historic landmark, and in 1969 it was listed in the National Register of Historic Places. As the station enters its 2nd Century, it will remain a historic and iconic structure, preserved and integrated with modern intermodal functionality. Download the app and learn more about this history of this iconic building, take a virtual tour, browse through a selection of historic images, and more.

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